For over 50 years, The Gordon Corporation has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing all-steel basement doors. Gordon Cellar Doors are American made and proud of it. We remain committed to provide top quality products with thoughtful, field proven design features which provide long-term satisfaction to home owners.

Longer lasting yet more economical than wooden doors, Gordon all-steel basement doors are available in a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of precast or field constructed entry ways. Gordon is the leader in retrofitting non standard openings.

Gordon is proud to announce new for 2008 a redesign of the CX extension kit. The new kit will require no extra drilling. You simply nut and bolt together.

Home owners' security is enhanced internally with the tamper proof locking mechanism. Externally, Gordon basement doors have the capability of padlocking the handles together. Exterior keyed locks are also available.

Compare the fit, finish, function and overall value. You'll go to Gordon. Gordon basement doors have been used in most states, accepted for state and federal projects, and meet all typical building code requirements. Chances are, Gordon basement doors have been used in homes or multi-family projects like the one you are working on now.